Best Mattress under 2000 Dollars [Reviewed]

As consumers, we’ve certainly become more and more health-conscious coming to the realization that a decent night’s rest can vastly improve our quality of life – that means choosing a mattress with superior comfort, support, and longevity. With so many options available, finding a mattress provider that will suit all your needs can be quite the challenge. It’s no surprise that most people end up making the wrong choice and purchasing a mattress that gives them sleepless nights, as opposed to a well rested night of sleep. In this article, we’ll review and crown the best mattress under 2000 dollars, along with a couple of extra recommendations.

Deciding what the best mattress is and a mattress under 2000 dollars depends on your criteria and personal preferences. You might want to save money and shop more frugally, or you may want to purchase the best mattress on the market. No matter your price range, there’s so many mattress options to choose from: memory foam, high density, latex mattresses, traditional innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Let’s narrow it down and find the best mattress that’s cost effective and under 2000 dollars.

1. Koala Mattress:

Let’s kick things off with the Koala mattress. The Koala is for the picky sleeper. The Koala mattress has a unique comfort level that offers medium-firm support, with their ‘Zero Disturbance Technology’ providing three different levels of support in 3 zones within the mattress. This helps address what some people feel are pain points from other mattresses, such as needing extra firm on one side but not necessarily the other. Not all sleepers are alike, and neither are all mattresses. The Koala is a mattress you can count on, when you want the right support at the right comfort level. Best of all, this mattress is memory foam and comes pre-vacuum sealed in a box for easy transportation. Did we mention Koala are also leaders in sustainable, ethical business practices? Win-win.

Current Queen Price: $892.50 (with their current promotion).
Koala Mattress

2. Emma Comfort Mattress

Sleep well on a new Emma Comfort Mattress. Emma brings you a high-quality mattress that’s packed with innovative features. It’s designed and dedicated for all types of sleepers. ‘Airgocell’ technology regulates temperature, meaning your body is always in the ideal sleeping temperature zone. A perfect blend of top-quality foams adapt to your body’s needs, ensuring your sleep remains uninterrupted night after night.

Current Queen Price: $649.50 (with current promotion)
Emma Comfort Mattress

3. Helix Luxe Dusk Mattress

Retreat to a place of comfort and calm with the Helix Luxe Dusk Mattress. Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom and the one you spend more time with than anything else. Rest assured, you’ll get a great night’s sleep on a Helix Luxe mattress. This upgraded mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they’re guaranteed to have zero harmful chemicals like ozone depleters, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, flame retardants or PBDEs. Helix has even added a few new features-like two new comfort layers that are 20% more responsive to pressure points-so you can rest easy inside a mattress built to last. Zoned lumbar support cradles your lower back, while an extra layer of luxury foam creates even loft for enhanced contouring beneath your body to cradle your spine. Choose between an ultra-breathable TENCEL cover, designed for maximum airflow, or the GlacioTex Cooling cover, which effectively pulls heat away from your body for your most comfortable night sleep.

Current Queen Price: $1849
Helix Luxe Dusk Mattress

4. Dreamcloud Premier Mattress

Sink deeper into the bedtime story you’re writing for yourself with a DreamCloud Premier Mattress. This luxurious bed is designed to let you stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more rested than ever. Enjoy a hybrid of memory foam and innerspring coils that contour to your body’s unique shape, while a supportive cashmere Euro Top layers comfort over the top. With its added height and more plush pillow top, you’ll sleep soundly under crisp white sheets promising peaceful mornings.

Current Queen Price: $1199
Dreamcloud Premier Mattress

5. Birch Natural Mattress

Every sleep deserves a little luxury. The Birch Natural mattress is filled and wrapped in organic cotton, making it ideal for those who like a softer sleeping surface. Made with all-natural latex, it gives you the right pressure relief and contour that your body desires. Enjoy night after night of deep sleep with this medium-firm mattress. Treat your body to a premium comfort with the natural feel and support of the Birch Natural mattresses. Each is made by hand in a sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing process that only uses materials from nature. With no contact delivery and shipping within 3-7 businesses days, you could be sleeping soundly in no time.

Current Queen Price: $1399
Birch Natural Mattress

6. Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is infused with pressure relief cooling memory foam that’s encased with a Air-cool soft knit cover to provide unmatched support and cool comfort. Featuring four layers of cooling performance, this mattress will provide you with a cool, comfy night sleep. Zinus have infused cooling gel into the pressure relieving memory foam which has all the perks of traditional memory foam with the added benefit of resisting body heat so it keeps you cooler all night long. Not only that, but their proprietary Green Tea Support Foam is hypoallergenic and odor-resistant so you’ll spend more time sleeping instead of washing.

Current Queen Price: From $499
Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

In the end, choosing which one of these products will work for you will come down to personal preference. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in your list of must-haves and offers, and how much you’re willing to invest in your mattress. You could always go with a top-of-the-range option like the one featured above and sleep like royalty every night. However, if you’d prefer a more affordable option, there are also plenty of other mattresses that cost just a fraction of these high-priced choices.

Personally, I have the Zinus Ultra Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress and can not fault it! Particularly for the price. Overall I’d recommend the Zinus but would also carefully consider the Koala Mattress based on affordability, customer support and their continued efforts for a sustainably made product.

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