Top 5 Best Mattresses [Reviewed]

Have you been waking up with back pains after a short night’s sleep? Well, the reason could be the kind of mattress you are using. Mattresses play a major role in ensuring we are comfortable and have undisrupted sleep. A good mattress should support all sleeping positions (back, stomach and side), while aligning your back well to prevent injuries.

Which are the best mattresses to buy currently? There are, multiple types of mattresses, but you need to be extra careful when choosing a mattress just to make sure it will accommodate you and provide safety as well. In this article, we discuss what to consider when buying a mattress and offer a review of the top 5 best mattresses.


Consider your sleeping position

There are three major sleeping positions which are; the back, side and back sleeping angle. It is crucial to consider how your body aligns when sleeping to choose a mattress that accommodates your sleeping positions.

Firm, mid firm or extra firm?

Some people are more comfortable sleeping in a bed that is extra firm and others may prefer a mid-firm or just a firm mattress to sleep on. So, find out what really works for you in terms of thickness.


Mattresses are sold at different prices. There are brands which are quite expensive as they make the top quality mattress, have thick foam filling or springs that provide great support to the body. The size of the bed may also determine the price for the mattress as larger mattresses tend to be more expensive compared to small ones.

· Size of the mattress

Mattresses of course come in different sizes ranging from small, twin, queen and king-sized. The choice of the size only narrows down to the size of your bed. If your bed is king-size, then you would want to buy a king-sized mattress and so on.


  1. The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress

First off, this is an award-winning mattress as they are recognized for making a mattress that has the quality and durable materials. This makes it our top best mattress to invest in if you are looking for comfort, safety and durability. From the customers’ review, the mattress has great features and does a great job in supporting one when asleep. The major features you will love about the mattress is the springs and memory foam that gives great support and ensures you don’t sink in the mattress when sleeping. Unlike other mattresses that sink when you get up, this one ensures to bounce back once you get up.


The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty for quality assurance
It has an infusion of springs and memory foam
Comes with one year trial
Has a total of five layers

  1. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar is another quality brand of mattress worth investing in. The mattress features whole five layers of quality memory foam materials for good support and ensures you sleep at a safe surface. This mattress is crucial for people who tend to sweat, while sleeping since it has cool gel and allows airflow for that cool effect when sleeping. This is a good mattress for all people since it supports all sleeping angles. So, whether you tend to sleep on your stomach, back or side, the mattress would be a great choice for you.


The mattress has 5 layers
It comes in 12 inches high
You get a lifetime warranty
This nectar mattress brand supports all sleeping angles
It has cooling materials to prevent heat build-up

  1. Nolah Evolution 15”Matress

I would recommend this mattress for people with back pains as it gives them the right support to align the spine for a good night’s sleep. The design of this Nolah mattress is top-notch since it has the patented HDMax Tri-Zone coils that ensure the mattress does not sink down when sleeping. So, you get to sleep on the leveled surface something you need for support of the back. Another thing to highlight about this mattress is its durability. The mattress is made of 15 inches with multiple layers of hybrid materials. For people who tend to sweat a lot of when sleeping, the mattress is made in a way that allows good airflow to prevent heat accumulation when sleeping. The mattress has the Extra cooling graphite-infused AirFoamICE and the top cover has a Cooling ArcticTex cover for ample airflow.


This mattress helps relief back pains
Features a 15-inch thickness
Made with multiple layers of quality hybrid materials
The mattress has extra cooling materials

  1. The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress

A mattress that does not sink when you sleep is great for people who sleep on their stomach and the back. The springs plus multi-layers of memory foam ensure you get enough support to the spine to prevent injuries. This mattress is made with quality materials such that once you buy it you will be given a whole year trial time. The mattress has a 14-inch thickness to keep your body at the right surface for a peaceful sleep.


The mattress has a 14-inch thickness with multiple layers of materials
The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty
Cooling effect to ensure ho heat builds on when you sleep


This is a mattress that is made for all body sizes as the Active Support Technology infused ensures to conform to one’s body size. Even if you are heavier or sleeping with heavier people the mattress will not sink to one place for that even sleeping surface. The mattress has encased coils that transfer less motion. So, no matter how heavy you are, this mattress does not produce any squeaky noises. The mattress cover is made with an infusion of stretch-knit cover with a proprietary “Phase Change Material essential for absorbing and diffusing heat to keep one cool when sleeping.


Has premium materials that conform to the body
Has cooling materials
The bed has springs to ensure it does not sink
The mattress is made with premium foam materials
The materials are mid firm for the comfort of all people


These are the top best brands of mattresses worth investing in. If you are looking for comfort, safety and durability, all the above-reviewed mattresses are made with premium materials and are quite thick to offer the right body support. They also have breathable materials that secure one from sweating at night. Check out these 5 mattresses to find the perfect one for you.

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